Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Melinda's Gluten Free - Capitola, CA

Over Spring Break, we took a trip to California.  Lucky for me, there was an amazing gluten free bakery about a block away from our hotel in Capitola.  If you are in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area, you have to pay Melinda's Gluten Free Specialty Bakery a visit.

Melinda's sells gluten free bread and a variety of baked goods, and is a great place to eat at for breakfast or lunch.  They are a peanut free facility, and many of their baked goods are dairy free.

Our first full day in Capitola, we stopped in for breakfast.  We ordered a bacon cheddar savory roll, a cinnamon roll, and a couple of donuts.

The bacon cheddar savory roll was incredibly delicious.  You would never know the bread is gluten free, and it had just the right amount of cheddar and bacon.

Our gluten and dairy free cinnamon roll looked and tasted like it was made with the same bread dough, and we had the option to have it topped with dairy full or dairy free icing, which we declined.  The warm cinnamon roll was just as heavenly as the bacon cheddar savory roll, and in my opinion, was sweet enough without any icing.

Katie wanted to try the chocolate donut, which was very good, but I would prefer it as a lunch or dinner treat.  The cake was nice and moist, but we ended up removing a lot of the frosting, because there is only so much sweetness I can deal with in the morning.

Melinda's Gluten Free is closed on Tuesdays, so I bought a donut to have for breakfast in our hotel room the next morning.  I let it sit in the to go container overnight at room temperature, and was impressed by how incredibly fresh it still tasted the next morning.  I loved the pie filling and berry glaze.

On Wednesday, my daughters and I had lunch at Melinda's.  Katie and I ordered bacon cheddar savory rolls, while Emma chose a turkey sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato.  My savory roll was just as good as the first time I tried it, but I ended up wishing I had ordered a sandwich, because Melinda's gluten free bread is really incredible, and Emma's sandwich had thick slices of turkey on it, that I am pretty sure I was told is made in-house.

For a lunch treat, Katie had a chocolate cupcake, which she said was very good.

Emma chose a gluten free and dairy free apple danish, which I liked so much, I ordered one for breakfast on our last day in Capitola.

We also bought some star cookies to go, and they kept well in a bag for several days.  They were buttery, and had a delicious berry filling.

Overall, I was really impressed by the baked goods we tried at Melinda's Bakery.  My gluten-eating family loved both their savory and sweet items, and said you would never know they are gluten free.

August 7, 2016

We are now living in Watsonville, California, and I am loving that we have a 100% gluten free bakery just 20 minutes from our house.  We have been to Melinda's Gluten Free at least five times since we moved here two weeks ago.

Twice, I have had a turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomato.  Such a great sandwich, and I especially love the bread and the thick sliced turkey.

The double chocolate chip cookies at Melinda's are so delicious, I look for them every time we stop in.  They have not had them since the day we arrived in California, so I will definitely need to special order a dozen of them soon.

Last weekend, we stopped in for breakfast before church.  My husband and daughters had cinnamon rolls, and I chose this gluten and dairy free mixed berry danish.  I did not regret my choice at all, because it was so good.

Yesterday, we had breakfast at Melinda's before heading to Ano Nuevo State Park to see the elephant seals.  I chose a gluten & dairy free raspberry muffin, and my girls ordered gluten & dairy free coffee cake muffins.

Everyone enjoyed them so much, we bought some muffins today after church to put in the freezer for breakfast this week.

For lunch today, we all shared a brownie and a chocolate croissant.  The brownie was a cakey brownie, but super moist, and not dry like some cakey brownies can be.

We first tried the chocolate croissants yesterday, and were amazed at how good they are.  I now understand why they usually sell out early in the morning.  We bought another one to share as a lunch treat today.  My gluten-eating family loves the chocolate croissants, and feels they taste like their gluten-filled counterparts.

September 11, 2016 Update

Before we headed to the Capitola Art & Wine Festival this morning, we had breakfast at Melinda's.  I rarely drink coffee, but there was no way I was passing up the chance to have a pumpkin spice latte made with real pumpkin butter, and it certainly did not disappoint.

We have started pre-ordering chocolate croissants when we know we are going to have breakfast at Melinda's, which happens once a week.  Because of their popularity, you can only pre-order three croissants, which works for us, because my husband prefers to have a cinnamon roll.

A couple of weeks ago, we tried their mini marshmallow donuts, which I highly recommend.  The vanilla cake donut was nice and moist, and we loved the marshmallows.

September 17, 2016

Earlier this week on their Facebook page, I saw that Melinda's is now making Challah, which has to be special ordered two days in advance.  It was still a little warm when we got home, so we had to sample it right away, even though we were still full from our breakfast of chocolate croissants and pumpkin spice lattes.  All I can say is that this bread is so good, there is almost no chance I will be making Easter bread this year.  I will just add a glaze made with powdered sugar and half & half to make the Challah more like my Easter bread buns.

I also ordered pumpkin muffins, which I froze to have for breakfast some time next week.  The small bite I sampled before they went in the freezer tasted great.  

You can read more about Melinda's Gluten Free Specialty Bakery on their website here.


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