Friday, March 18, 2016

Raglan Road Lunch - Disney Springs

Earlier today, my daughters and I had lunch at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant in Disney Springs.  Raglan Road is not Disney owned and operated, so they do not have an allergy-friendly menu, but it is one of my favorite table service restaurants at Disney World for gluten free dining.

Their menu recently underwent some changes, and some of my favorite dishes, like the citrus salmon salad and crispy fried shrimp, are no longer on the lunch or dinner menus.  Thankfully, shrimp and chips are still available at neighboring Cookes of Dublin, my favorite quick service restaurant at Disney Springs.

Because I recently had fish & chips at Raglan Road for brunch, I decided to try something new today.  The Kiss Before Shrimp features pan seared local Florida coast shrimp in a garlic and chili lemon butter sauce.  It is usually served with sliced baguette, but I was given a gluten free bun.

I knew I would love the shrimp, because there is nothing not to love about shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic, but the addition of the chili made this dish a little spicy, which I really enjoyed.

I am not a huge fan of most gluten free buns served at restaurants, but my bread was cooked nicely, and it was incredible dipped in the garlic & chili lemon butter sauce that my shrimp were served in.

My disappointment at not being able to get fried shrimp quickly faded away as I devoured my Kiss Before Shrimp.

My daughter Emma was equally as pleased with her meal.  She ordered the Yummo Risotto from the Kids Menu.  This dish features garden pea risotto with Pecorino and chicken, but she left off the buffalo mozzarella.  Emma did not seem to care for the chicken, but she loved the risotto.  I was a bit worried when I saw that it was green, but that did not seem to bother her at all.  Emma said she could taste the peas, a vegetable she likes, but they were not overpowering.  The portion size was very large, and she shared some with her sister, who said she would be ordering the Yummo Risotto the next time we go to Raglan Road.  The adult version of this dish, the Raglan Risotto, is listed as gluten free on Raglan Road's online gluten free menu, which has not been updated to reflect their menu changes.

Emma and I shared a side of garlic Parmesan & truffle oil skinny chips, a dish we always order when dining at Raglan Road or Cookes of Dublin.  I probably would have chosen onion rings today, but because I was sharing with my daughter, who does not love onions, I let her pick the fries.

Katie ordered the gluten free version of the Gold'N Chicken from the Kids Menu, which is two deep fried chicken tenders.  We paid $2 extra for her to have a side of garlic Parmesan skinny chips instead of the thick cut Irish chips.  She loved her first chicken tender, but the second one was really greasy.  I could actually see oil oozing out of it.

For dessert, I was told that I could have a gluten free version of the apple and peach crumble, Wibbely Wobbely Healthy Wonder (seasonal fruit set in apple jelly, topped with creme fraiche), or the Chocolate Heaven.  I have had Raglan Road's strawberry and apple crumble before, and it was pretty amazing.  I would have liked to have tried the new version with peach, but we didn't feel like waiting the extra time it takes to prepare the gluten free version of this dessert today.  I decided to order the gluten & dairy free Chocolate Heaven, which is a flourless chocolate cake with fresh berries, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream.  I have always thought that chocolate sauce or ganache on top of chocolate cake is overkill, so I asked for it to be left off, along with the whipped cream, because I love vanilla ice cream with chocolate desserts.  The cake was good, and I enjoyed my dessert, but I wasn't very happy that I was charged $2 extra for a very small amount of ice cream, when I left two other items off this dish.  The last two times I dined at Raglan Road, I was warned about the vanilla ice cream, and told that they cannot guarantee that there is not cross contamination, because they don't make it in house, but on our last visit, I remember being told that they use Edy's, which is the brand served at other Disney restaurants.  

I had hoped to order the Dundon's Delight for dessert, which featured a raspberry pavlova with vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries, but it is no longer on the adult dessert menu.  The pavlova, which is a meringue-based dessert, was crispy on the outside, and had a light raspberry center.  On the Kids Menu, there is a gluten free Strawberry Delight, which is described as vanilla ice cream with pavlova, cream, fruit coulis and fresh strawberries.  Next time we dine at Raglan Road, I think I will get the Strawberry Delight, because my daughters said it tasted exactly like the Dundon's Delight I used to order from the adult dessert menu.  The presentation was different, and there were strawberries instead of fresh raspberries, but other than that, it appeared to be the same dessert.

You can read more about Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant, view their menu and hours, and make advance dining reservations on Disney's website here.  You can also make reservations on OpenTable.  My friend Sarah has gluten free and dairy free reviews of Raglan Road on her blog Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free at WDW.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Raglan Road?


  1. My mom and I went last year and I had the hamburger and it was AMAZING!

    1. My daughter Katie loves their burgers, but I am usually all about their fried items :-)