Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Be Our Guest Breakfast - King Gluten Free

I have followed Jordan Middlebrook's blog King Gluten Free for a while, and had the pleasure of meeting him last November at the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention at Disney World.  Jordan, like myself, loves everything Disney, as evidenced by the Mickey pancakes he is always posting on Instagram, and he even proposed to his wife at the Magic Kingdom.  For their 10th anniversary, he surprised her with a trip to Disney World, where his family dined at Be Our Guest for breakfast.  Here is Jordan's guest review of his recent dining experience:

At no time in the tenure of my blogging career have I lied about how Walt Disney World is an exceptional example of how to cater to individuals with allergies. I have celiac disease, so you know for a fact that I have to eat a little different from everyone else. Across the board, Walt Disney World makes sure that myself, and all the other people with celiac disease are able to eat as normally as possible with a large selection of gluten-free food.  Im a Disney World fan and a dude with celiac, so this all goes hand in hand, especially for a blogger.

Im a fan of Beauty and the Beast, and since the Magic Kingdom has added its own themed restaurant, I have eaten there a few times. Always lunch, always good. This time around, I was pleased to get a reservation for breakfast. Ive heard nothing about it, and like I said, as a fan of Beauty and the Beast, I had to dip my toes into the gluten-free breakfast they provide.

I was just disappointed.

There is always something to be said for an amazing Disney World experience, and I am always the first one to tell you that I had an amazing meal and an amazing cast member to take care of me and my special needs. There was no such luck this time around.

All I wanted was a gluten-free Mickey shaped waffle, and from what the website and the pre-ordering menu showed me, this was possible. I had nothing to worry about. The gentleman at the ordering kiosk told me they had gluten-free Mickey shaped waffles, and I never hesitated when I said I want that.

This is where I got disappointed.

I got a toaster waffle.

If I wanted a toaster waffle, I could have gone to the Walmart down the road and made it in my room. The whole box is cheaper than my meal. You cant complain about the fruit. Fruit is a staple at restaurants for breakfast.

It wasnt even hard. It was cooked, and I know this because it was warm, and the edges were singed with the brown of some kind of flame, likely made in a toaster. But, no Mickey waffles, and a sad attempt at a breakfast I paid a lot of money for, and had to reserve a time for. I built up this experience in my head, and I was shot down. Shot down when a plate of gluten-full mini muffins and croissants was placed in the middle of the table for my wife and daughter to enjoy (both dont eat gluten-free), and I get a muffin, which I know is Udis, and which I already know isnt the greatest gluten-free muffin out there.

Udis hint: there is a reason they put sugar on the top of the muffin. The rest of it tastes like nothing. Flavourless tripe.

Yeah, eating in a recreation of the Beasts castle is wicked, and I love going there and seeing the details involved in giving a visitor the full experience, but I aint going back for breakfast. Its just too heartbreaking for me.

Coffee was good though, so was the maple syrup. Heck, maple syrup is always good.

A big thank you to Jordan for agreeing to do a guest post for my blog, Gluten Free in Orlando. I had a similar experience with receiving a frozen waffle at Be Our Guest, which you can read about here. Hopefully, the next time he comes to town, Jordan will get to have his first gluten free Mickey waffle.

You can follow Jordan on his blog King Gluten Free, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. What a shame. If this were a restaurant anywhere else, I'd probably be thankful to have the toaster waffle option as opposed to the no-waffle option. But for Disney, this isn't right. :(

  2. Any updates on this? We are making ADRs for spring and I don't want a frozen waffle and an Udi's muffin!