Saturday, March 21, 2015

Be Our Guest Breakfast - Magic Kingdom

Yesterday, we dined at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom on the first day of their new breakfast service, which is in a testing phase from March 20th to July 18th.  (Update - breakfast at Be Our Guest is now a permanent offering)  Breakfast, like lunch, is a quick service meal.  Advance dining reservations can be made for Be Our Guest for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is a table service meal.  

For breakfast and lunch, you order at a kiosk or with a cast member.  When I entered wheat as my allergy, I was left with 6 adult entrees:  cured meats and cheese with millet bread, open-face bacon and egg sandwich on millet bread, eggs florentine with millet bread, scrambled egg whites with millet bread, waffles, and french toast sticks.  I didn't take a picture of the kids' meals, but I remember seeing choices like scrambled eggs, waffles, and french toast sticks.  Adult entrees are all $19.99, and kids' meals for guests ages 9 and under are $11.99.  This price includes breakfast pastries and non-alcoholic drinks like milk, orange juice, and fountain beverages.  

After ordering, we took our rose to our table so cast members would know where to deliver our meal.  

I decided on the open-face bacon and egg sandwich on millet bread with poached eggs, applewood bacon, brie cheese, arugula and tomatoes.  I really enjoyed the bread, eggs, and thick-cut bacon, but would have preferred my sandwich without the brie.  Unfortunately, changes could not be made to any dishes yesterday, but hopefully in the near future, there will be an option at the kiosks to leave off items like cheese.  

The bowl of fruit that came with my entree included grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew.  

A large plate of pastries, including croissants, muffins, and danishes was delivered to our table, but of course, I couldn't eat any of them, so I asked a cast member if gluten free options were available.  After a couple of minutes, he came back with what appeared to be an Udi's gluten free blueberry muffin.  It was heated perfectly and tasted great, so it was a welcome addition to my meal.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal except for the brie on my sandwich, which I was able to remove on my own.  I liked that Be Our Guest had so many gluten free options, but right now, the dishes can not be customized to leave off unwanted ingredients.  Customization is available at lunch, so I am sure that it will be available at breakfast soon.  I was also disappointed that frozen waffles are the only option for gluten free diners.  I asked a cast member if the waffles were house made, which she assured me they were, but when our kids' meal arrived, it was one waffle with powdered sugar and a bowl of fruit.  Because the waffle was not house made, I asked for a refund, which they gladly gave me.  I hope that gluten free Mickey or Disney-themed waffles will be available at one of the Magic Kingdom restaurants in the future, which I am sure it will, because Disney does such an amazing job with special diets.  Beauty and the Beast themed waffles would be so much fun at Be Our Guest.  

As far as theming goes, Be Our Guest is one of my favorite restaurants at Disney World, so I was happy we were able to get advance dining reservations for the first day of breakfast service.  All three dining areas of the Beast's royal castle are open in the morning, and you can choose where you would like to sit. 

I am sure that breakfast, like lunch and dinner, will be difficult to book, so make your advance dining reservations 180 days ahead of time, if possible.   You can read more about Be Our Guest Restaurant and view their menus on Disney's website here.  Quick service breakfast is available from 8 am to 10 am.  

Having dined at Be Our Guest Restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I would have to say that lunch is my favorite meal there.  It is a less expensive option than breakfast and dinner, and we really enjoy a lot of their lunch options.

You can read a guest review of Be Our Guest for breakfast from King Gluten Free here.

August 4, 2015 Update - Breakfast at Be Our Guest will now be a permanent offering, and reservations for October 4, 2015 and beyond can be made starting August 5th.  I have recently heard that Erin McKenna's Bakery quick breads (toasties) are available at BOG for breakfast.

What are your favorite gluten free options for breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant?


  1. Do you know for sure if the pastries are from Erin McKenna's? I want to make reservations for next spring but want to make sure it's not just an Udi's muffin, or we will do lunch there instead. Thanks!

    1. If I had a choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner at BOG, I would always choose lunch. I have heard from multiple sources that they are now serving Erin McKenna's products at breakfast, but that could change at any time. Same thing with the frozen waffles.

    2. Thanks, that is helpful. I was leaning toward lunch anyway, and it's my daughter and I who both eat GF.

  2. Has anyone had Dinner at BOG restaurant? My fiancé is Gluten-Free and we are booking to eat their for our honeymoon as she LOVES beauty and the beast. I worry because anyone with this disease knows how sick one can get by eating something prepared wrong. I do not see any options that specifically mention gluten free on their site. Can anyone add some insight?

    1. Nicholas - I have a BOG lunch/dinner review on my blog. Use the search bar, or go to the Disney page of my blog and look under Magic Kingdom reviews.