Friday, June 13, 2014

The Café at Monticello -- Charlottesville, Virginia

Our June road trip was all about seeing historical sites in Charleston, Williamsburg, Alexandria, and Washington, D.C.  On the way home, we stopped at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's house, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  

I had planned on eating one of my gluten free GoPicnic meals for lunch after we toured the house.

As we waited to see the Jefferson movie, I stopped in The Cafe at Monticello to check out their lunch options for my family.  

Imagine my surprise when I saw this sign when I walked in the door!  

When I went to the sandwich counter, I was excited to see that the loaded potato soup was gluten free.  When I inquired about other gluten free options, I was told that they had gluten free bread, and could make me any sandwich on the menu.  

A display case with baked goods was also pointed out to me.  The entire top shelf was full of individually packaged gluten free muffins, granola, cookies, and brownies.

All of the baked goods were from Mixing It Up Gluten Free Baking, a local company that sells gluten free bakery items in Charlottesville, Virginia and surrounding counties.  Their baked goods can also be ordered online here.  

After our tour of the house, we headed back to The Cafe at Monticello for lunch.  I decided to order the potato soup, which my daughter Emma and I really enjoyed.  

There were at least 10 gluten free potato chip options to choose from.  My husband and I shared the Deep River Zesty Jalapeno and Route 11 Sweet Potato Chips.  Both were super tasty!

For dessert, I picked a sugar cookie, while my daughters decided to split the Mixing It Up chocolate chip brownie.  

I was so impressed by both of these baked goods.  The brownie was super fudgy and moist, and had a rich chocolate taste.  The sugar cookie reminded me of the sugar cookies I used to love in my gluten-eating days.   I wish I had bought a couple to take home!

The Cafe at Monticello also had a nice selection of Kind bars and fruit.

I started my day thinking I would be eating a simple GoPicnic meal for lunch, but instead, I ended up with a great gluten free meal at The Cafe at Monticello.

Have you been to The Cafe at Monticello?


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