Friday, February 21, 2014

YoDish App

I recently wrote a review of the Find Me Gluten Free App, a free app that I use frequently when I travel, or even when we are driving around Orlando.  Well, there is a new free app on the scene that you need to check out.  My friend Sarah from Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW has teamed up with Justin Cunningham, the founder of YoDish, an app for people with dietary restrictions.  You can read more about Sarah's involvement with YoDish here.

YoDish is a great way to quickly access restaurant reviews on your iPhone while you are at Disney.  I have also downloaded the app on my iPad.  It is currently not available for Android.  

Sarah has over 200 reviews available on YoDish.  Each review is brief, but contains a link to the full review on her website, Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW.  I currently have 65 reviews on YoDish, also with links to full reviews on my blog.  I am still in the process of adding all my Disney and Orlando dining reviews, but I hope to have everything complete in the next week or two. 

I had to take a screenshot that included one of my favorite gluten free options at Disney -- gluten free beignets!  

If you eat an allergy friendly meal at Disney, definitely consider submitted a review.  Right now, only Sarah and I have reviews for Disney on YoDish, but it would be great to see more people submitting reviews in the future.  

When you click on a review, you will see a picture of the dish, the address of the restaurant, the dietary restrictions of the diner, a rating of loved it, ate it, or hated it, and a short review.  

When you set your dietary profile, the app shows you meals closest to your location that fit your diet.

In addition to a large number of Disney reviews, I added some dining reviews from local restaurants in Orlando.  

There are so many great gluten free dining options in Winter Park.  After eating dinner there, I always have to head to Le Macaron for dessert!  

I have also added some gluten free reviews of California Pizza Kitchen, my new favorite chain for gluten free dining.

Please consider posting reviews of your dining experiences at Disney or in the Orlando area.  It's a great way to "pay it forward" and help people with similar dietary restrictions.  YoDish is a relatively new resource, so depending on your geographic location and dietary profile, you may or may not see many dishes in your area.  The more reviews you add where you live and travel, the faster the community will grow.

YoDish was created for people with gluten intolerance and food allergies, as well as vegetarians and vegans.  Users can post their reviews in the YoDish app, as well as to Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare.  YoDish uses FourSquare's global locations database to provide its users with an instant list of the restaurants near their current location.  You can learn more about YoDish and find a link to download the app on their website  


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