Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cookes of Dublin - Disney Springs

Cookes of Dublin is one of my favorite quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World.  

It is attached to Raglan Road in Disney Springs.

I first had gluten free fish and chips at Raglan Road, but soon learned that it was also available at Cookes of Dublin, the "take away" part of the restaurant.  It's a cheaper option, and they also accept Tables in Wonderland for an additional 20% savings.  I am not a huge fan of the thick-cut chips, so lately, I have asked for onion rings instead.  The fish is so deliciously crispy.  It is often underseasoned, but with a little bit of added salt, it is just perfect.

Cookes of Dublin (Downtown Disney) -- gluten free fish and onion rings.

When the onion rings are skinny, like in the picture above, they are amazing!

The last time we were at Cookes of Dublin, I asked if they could make the garlic & parmesan skinny chips gluten free.  It turns out, they can, and they are some of the best fries I have ever had.  

Every time I make French fries at home now, my girls ask me to make garlic parm fries.  It is actually quite easy.  After you cook your fries, put them in a bowl with a clove or two of minced garlic, and toss them with some Parmesan cheese.  

Other hand battered dishes that can be made gluten free include the cold water shrimp, Irish style battered sausages, and chicken tenders.  You can view Cookes of Dublin's menu here.  

December 1, 2014 Update 

I recently tried the fried shrimp, and they are amazing!  They were so crispy and flavorful, I didn't even need to add salt.  

December 17, 2014 Update

Today, I finally had a chance to try the gluten free zucchini cupcakes, a recent dessert addition at Cookes of Dublin.  If you like zucchini bread, you will definitely enjoy this cupcake.  The cream cheese icing on top was perfection, though I found the cake to be just a little bit dry.  Overall, it was thoroughly enjoyable, though a bit pricey at $5.00.  

February 17, 2015 Update

Yesterday, I stopped by Cookes of Dublin to have a gluten free cupcake.  The zucchini cupcake now has thin slices of fried zucchini on top that taste a little bit sweet.  The garnish and the icing were amazing, but the cupcake continues to be slightly dry.  I still loved it though, and it's great to see Cookes of Dublin offering a gluten free dessert.  

December 2, 2015 Update

Earlier this week, I took a break from Christmas shopping at Disney Springs to have lunch at Cookes of Dublin.  Cookes of Dublin does not have a gluten free menu, but notice that their sign says gluten free options are available in the upper left hand corner.

The fried shrimp are now being served on skewers, which made them a little challenging to eat, but they were still delicious.  I asked for a side of my favorite garlic and parmesan skinny chips instead of the thick-cut chips that are regularly served with Cooke's hand battered specialties.  I might have been charged an extra dollar for the substitution, which I heard they do for onion rings too, but it is worth the added expense.

My zucchini cupcake looked a little too brown, but it was not dry at all.  It would have been cupcake perfection with a little more of that amazing cream cheese frosting.  

You can read more about Cookes of Dublin, and view their hours and menu on Disney's website here.  

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Cookes of Dublin?  


  1. The shrimp is AMAZING! I like it significantly better than the fish and i love the fish! looking forward to trying the scallops on my next visit. i didnt order onion rings because last time i ate there they were fat, but the ones you showed were skinny. did you request them that way?

    1. No, that's how they came. I've been served them fat too and they were not as good. I can't wait to try the shrimp!

  2. We're going to Disney Springs tomorrow and we're looking at eating at Cookes after reading your review of it. My daughter has Celiac and she's excited to get chicken & chips! Question -- are the menu items always prepared g-f, or do I have to ask for g-f? I can't find anything on Cooke's website that verifies that anything is g-f. Thanks in advance!

  3. Just went here today. They no longer have the cupcake mentioned, but they replaced it with gluten free chocolate parfait with cake, mousse, and berries; and also a lemon raspberry parfait.