Monday, July 29, 2013

Orange Upside Down French Toast

Yesterday, we made one of our favorite breakfasts.  We like to make it on Sundays, because it's  super easy to put together, and we can still make it to church by 9:00.  My husband loved it from the first day I made it for him, even declaring it to be his favorite breakfast.  One recipe easily feeds the four of us, and I usually get to freeze two pieces for later in the week.  

Orange Upside Down French Toast


1/4 C butter (1/2 stick)
1/4 C granulated, light brown, or organic coconut palm sugar (all work well in this recipe)
Zest of one large orange
8 slices of gluten free bread (I use Whole Foods GlutenFree Bakehouse Sandwich Bread)
4 large eggs
2/3 C orange juice


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.   As the oven preheats, melt the butter on a 10 x 15 jelly roll pan in the oven.   

Sprinkle most of the sugar (save about 2 tsp for sprinkling on the bread), a light dusting of cinnamon, and the zest of one large orange on top of the melted butter.  

Whisk the orange juice and eggs together.  Dip each slice of bread once or twice, soaking up as much of the egg/orange juice mixture as possible.  

Arrange the soaked bread in a single layer on the pan, then sprinkle the rest of the sugar on top, and bake on 325 for 20 minutes.

I use Whole Foods Gluten Free Sandwich Bread for this recipe, because it has a denser consistency that is perfect for French toast.  

Serve with fresh fruit.  We love to eat this French toast with raspberries, strawberries, or peaches.  Syrup is not needed because the French toast is already sweet.  

I always freeze the leftovers in sandwich bags.  If I remember the night before, I put them in the refrigerator to defrost a bit.  When I'm ready to eat them, I reheat them on defrost for a couple of minutes in the microwave.  

This recipe was inspired by a recipe in the cookbook Beyond Parsley


  1. I adore French toast, and this sounds really good. Thanks for sharing it at Gluten-Free Wednesdays. I look forward to meeting you at the Gluten-Free Living conference next week!